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Licensed Massage Therapy Professionals have the misfortune of being frequently confused with those who perform sensual massage, sexual massage and erotic massage.

Aside from the fact that sensual, sexual and erotic massage involve manual manipulation of soft tissue, there's a critical difference in the education and skill level of licensed practitioners.

Professional Massage Therapists are trained in anatomy, physiology and techniques that stimulate blood flow, oxygen intake, nutrient absorption and the elimination of metabolic wastes. Generally, practitioners of sensual massage, sexual massage and erotic massage lack this level of training.

Research has demonstrated that Massage Therapy boosts the immune system and level of endorphins (natural pain killers). What's more, pain and stress-related conditions like depression, anxiety and tension have been shown to decrease at the hands of a Massage Therapist.

Actually, since most diseases are associated with stress, and massage reduces stress, this therapy assists in healing most conditions.

The origin of Massage Therapy can be traced back over 3000 years to ancient Chinese and Indian folk medicine. Later, Greek and Roman physicians brought massage to the West.

Though sensual, sexual and erotic associations have remained with massage for centuries, the science of its healing powers has evolved into a recognized professional discipline. Among the wide variety of therapeutic massage techniques available today, the most common is Swedish (classic) massage.

Massage Therapy treatments begin with a medical case history and an examination of your pain's location. Next, the Massage Therapist performs manipulations designed to stretch and loosen specific connective tissues, reduce pain and improve structural alignment.

In addition to manual manipulation, a Massage Therapist may also use ultrasound, electrical, heat, and cold pain relief.

Licensed Massage Therapy is available in 25 states. Click below to find a Massage Therapist near you.

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